Sunday, July 19, 2009

Firm foundations for life

I was getting dressed to go to a meeting the other day and when I put on a black halfslip on I wondered whether I was part of a dying breed.

These days the trend is to don underwear as outerwear. I have no real objection to that as long as it's done in good style and taste and worn at the right place at the right time.

Since I was 12 or so I've always worn a halfslip or petticoat with any unlined skirts or dresses. It helps to prevent situations where sunlight may shine through the fabric and show off more of myself than intended and clothing sits more smoothly and is less clingy. I realise this may make me sound a little old fashioned and prudish - but I'm definitely not.

It is one of the idosyncrasies I have that is due to my late nana. She instilled in me the belief that wearing appropriate underwear to head off possible wardrobe malfunctions was the proper and right thing to do.

She taught by example. She always wore white full slips. I think that to her white was the colour `nice' women wore and I guess for a large part of her life it was the only colour you could buy. When she wore her bowling whites she wore a double-fronted white petticoat underneath. I like to have a broader colour choice - anything from muted pinks to purple, navy blue and black.

Pantihose was another essential according to nana. She never left the house without wearing pantihose. ``You're not properly dressed unless you have pantihose on,'' she would say. She always wore skintone pantihose. I mostly wear black and never skintone. It's only in the last five years that I have not worn pantihose to the office everyday. Sometimes on hot days in summer if I wear a longer line skirt or dress I will wear sandals and no pantihose (because you simply do not wear sandals with pantihose - but of course you know that).

My mum also follows nana's unwear guidelines. For us it's just the done thing.

Thanks nana, for ensuring I had firm foundations for life.


Farmers Wife said...

I love this post, takes me back to what a lady should be like. My mum wears slips etc, its not the done thing these days which is a shame...

katiecrackernuts said...

I have been trying to find a slip that is a full slip but only on one sleeve. I have a gorgeous white thrifted dress that I am just not game enough to wear without a slip. It's got a huge side split too, so not that easy to find underwear for. A store shop assistant suggested French knickers and I think she might be onto something.

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