Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fantasy now reality

I just heard how a former colleague of mine, Duncan Lay, has had his first book, The Wounded Guardian, published.

I didn't even know he was into the fantasy genre, let alone writing his own book. It's taken him quite a few years to get to this point. Anyone trying to get published may be interested to read about his journey at Secrets of a Fantasy Writer. He now has a three-book deal.

My partner reckons I've got a book or two in me, but I'm yet to be convinced. By Duncan's account, it's a hard slog.

Congratulations, Duncan. Good to know you got more out of all your commuting hours between the Central Coast and Sydney other than an intimate knowledge of CityRail!


Farmers Wife said...

Congrats to your friend, it would be amazing to have something published. Thats also kinda a dream of mine...

katiecrackernuts said...

Thanks for the advice on Brisvegas. I'll see Gabby while there. I had dinner with her and partner Julian last time I was there. My sister lives in Brisbane so I am up there every six months or so. I love Paddington. Isn't it fabulous. Thought I'd spend a bit more time in New Farm and West End this visit.
Samoa-an adventure. Can't wait.

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