Monday, July 20, 2009

Distance is a divide

Growing up, my mum's parents lived diagonally opposite the end of our street.

Pop died when I was about eight but I was in my late 20s when nana died. Apart from a couple of years she lived in that house built by pop.

I can't remember a day going by they we didn't stop off to share a cup of tea, a chat or just say hello and give her a kiss and a hug. It was part of our routine.

My mum and my family live a four-hour drive apart. I would just love to be able to drop in for a cuppa some time during the day - after walking XY7 to school, in between errands, whenever.

I just had a dose of mum. She stayed with us for six days but went home of the train this morning.

I have to readjust to not having her company and sufficing with talking down the phone to her instead. I never realised how far away a four-hour drive could be . . .


katiecrackernuts said...

Oh that's sweet. My mum and dad are about three hours away and it's nice to visit, but also nice to come home.

Farmers Wife said...

Oh I just went through the same thing, my mum was here for 4 days, she usually can stay a month but not this time. She lives two states away. I miss just having a cuppa with her or going shopping, I wish we lived closer.

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