Monday, February 9, 2009

That age old question

It seems to me that my parents have suddenly gone from youthful to old. Obviously that's far from the reality of the situation but for so many years they both were quite well preserved but now the years are starting to show.

Dad's a 1944 model Aquarian and mum's a 1945 model Libran. I'm a 1966 Sagitarrian and my brother is a 1970 Virgo. The photograph is at their wedding in 1965. I think they look cute.

Without meaning to sound morbid, it has hit me in the past 12 months how the number of years ahead with them around is much less than what I've already had.

Dad is currently in hospital recovering from a moderate stroke and expected home as early as later this week but in the past two years he has had a triple heart bypass, back operation, knee replacement, been fitted for hearing aids as well as the usual colds and flu.

Mum has had a range of heart tests after an irregularity came to light - she eventually got a clean bill of health. A hormone deficiency triggered a severe case of alopecia and she lost virtually all her body hair - her head hair is fairly full now although not as thick as it used to be and her body hair has been more reticent to return.

They divorced about 20 years ago and both eventually entered new marriages. They are both retired but still keep busy with their interests and travel.

I suppose that while they have always been in my life I did know but also somehow failed to realise there would come a time when they won't be around. A reality I don't like to think about - I blame that on the Sagitarrian trait of being prone to fantasising.

And of course, all that is also connected to me getting older too.

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katiecrackernuts said...

It just is the way, isn't it? I saw my folks on the weekend. And loved watching my very exuberant nephew play with them. ``You play with me,'' he'd ask. And despite how tired they were, they'd always have a crack - to his enormous delight. He's a gorgeous kid and his cackle and smile are reward enough for playing with him. But, yes, they tire easily. I can't imagine being tired like that, but can feel it creeping in already. I never, ever, ever slept during the day and of late I find myself drawn to just lie down on the ground - anywhere. I was found lying on the cool grass between parked cars the other day.

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