Monday, February 9, 2009

Help however you can

I know you have been as horrified as me in recent days to learn about the shocking death toll and destruction of property in Victoria.
Apart from the amazing survival stories the only good thing to come out of it is the way everyday people across the nation are doing their bit to give a helping hand.
Today I heard about a cafe in my regional NSW town running a fundraising lunch on Friday in aid of the Victorian fire appeal.
Then in the blog world I came across some talented crafty people organising a charity auction or sale. See more info here
Even if you're not crafty, perhaps you can buy something?
There was also a Melbourne-based blogger whose workplace is full of people who know someone affected in the firestorm and says there is a need for blood donations. So why not head to your local blood bank – often to be found at a local hospital.
And another lovely blogger mentioned Guides Victoria are pitching in too with the help of the guiding community across Australia. See Maybe the guides in your local community are involved?

There's also the national efforts.
Those who can spare cash can:

Donate to the Red Cross State Government Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund by clicking on the link; or,

Phone 1800 811 700Go to any NAB, ANZ, Westpac or Commonwealth Bank branch

Go to any Bunnings store

Make a direct deposit to the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund BSB 082-001, Account number 860-046-797

Australia Post will donate $1 million to the bushfire relief fund and collect donations in more than 4000 post offices across the country.

I know we can all do a little something to make the lives of those affected a bit more comfortable. Even if it is a simple care package of toiletries – wouldn’t we all appreciate that if we were in the same circumstance?
My apologies for being on a soapbox of sorts. I just feel it really matters that we help in whatever way we can.

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