Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mother mistreated

It's no wonder that most Australian women don't breastfeed for the two years recommended by the World Health Organisation when you read about the situation which was reported in the media today.

A police intelligence analyst was banned from using morning and afternoon tea breaks to express breastmilk for her baby because they were "discretionary" and she was denied the use of accumulated leave. She was refused a private room and instead was made to use either an unlockable and "unclean" interview room - where she was interrupted by police officers - or a toilet cubicle. Read more here.

I am dismayed - not just at the situation this breastfeeding mother has been put in but also the misinformed opinions of so many of the people who made comments on one online media site where I read the story.

Let me show you what I mean.

Geoff of Walgett generously shared his solution: ``Cry me a river. Milk yourself before you get to work.''

Granny Clampet
of Beverly Hills wrote: ``Mothers need to be at home with their children. You are either a police woman or you are a nursing mother . . . Children deserve to have the full attention of their parents. There is nothing wrong with being a mother, shame most people underestimate how important child raising is.''

Ray of Newcastle wrote: ``I think its a wind up by the pro breast feeders to bring attention to themselves.''

Then there was this gem from Anne of Central Coast: ``Breastfeeding policy????? Oh Plleeeaaasse. You are either at work to work or at home minding the children you chose to have!''

It was pretty obvious that many of those who commented had no idea about the realities of breastfeeding and how the human body works.

The archaic opinions voiced were so depressing I had to stop reading. Unbelieveable!

There is no reason why a mother should not be allowed to use her allocated work breaks to express. And a proper environment with privacy should be available at any workplace.

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Farmers Wife said...

Don't even get me started about this. What a bunch of crass, no idea idiots whose comments you reproduced. Why can't a woman have everything, a job and an allowance to breastfeed if need be. I breastfed all my kids and I dared anyone to comment negatively about it. Some people just have no idea...

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