Friday, August 7, 2009

Feeling back on track

At the risk of sounding somewhat flaky, I had an experience today which lifted my spirits and reaffirmed my decision to embrace a new work opportunity.

I have been doing some freelance writing and PR work - mostly spasmodic - but was sought out by a local who has been running his own communications and media company. It has mostly just been him working from his home office but its now at the point where he has so much work that he needed some help - and he remembered crossing paths with me when I was working full-time in a media co-ordinator role. Lucky for me I made a good impression. He tracked me down and offered me regular work - some based at home, others during school hours only based in his soon-to-open offices in the middle of town and with the expectation of being able to offer me more hours in the next few months.

I was totally amazed - to be his person of choice for a job which gave me a chance to use my existing skills plus have the challenge of learning about broadcast and online media with the flexibility of hours parents dream about!

Anyway, this week I was thrown in the deep end yesterday and today when a major funding announcement for one of his clients meant that a news release needed to be researched and written and local print, TV and radio representatives invited to a media conference. However the boss was in Sydney on a job, so he had to leave it to me.

It all went off fine. In the middle of the media event while I was standing in a particular spot looking at a particular angle at some nearby homes talking to a reporter and cameraman I had a really strong sensation of deja vu. This used to happen to me quite regularly but not so much since I have been battling feelings of depression and not since I relocated here from Sydney in November 2007. I see it as a sign that I'm where I'm supposed to be and doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Yes, yes, say I'm being lame . . . however I'm not worried by that. I just feel that I'm getting back to being more my usual self and having my life back on track. And no-one would really want to take that away from me would you?

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katiecrackernuts said...

Great to hear you're back on the bike, or the horse, or whatever it's supposed to be. Congratulations.

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