Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Op shop joy

After reading about the wonderful and amazing Op Shop finds of katiecrackernuts for some time, I finally gave it a go at the weekend.

I set out not expecting a lot because I never really unearthed amazing when I did pop in to op shops regularly in my `young and single' days.

I headed towards Lifeline and St Vincent De Paul in the main shopping strip of town full of anticipation.

Imagine my excitement when after a couple of hours headed home with a pair of black corduroy jeans for $5 and a fantastic fully lined woollen jacket in a bright pink/crimson colour for $10. Wow! I'll try and get my hands on a digital camera so you can see the jacket (I'm a dinosaur who still has a camer which uses film). I'm pretty sure I was smiling the rest of the day!

Even better, now I know Lifeline has a Plus Size Women's rack I will be keeping an eye on it regularly.
While my purchases were not as stylish as some katiecrackernuts has shared on her blog, I like them and have given me the encouragement to keep looking. A successful first outing, I think.


katiecrackernuts said...

Yah you. Actually there are not many stores that don't have a 16+ rack these days and I have to say, big girls have got style. Almost always better cut, and often new-ish, so I've found. Keep looking. I've brought home some great pieces for Cath - and she felt like you, that you had to be petite to find good stuff in an op shop. Not the case these days, it's the other way around. Possibly it's also because bigger girls don't know that the op shop stock has swung in their favour. Shhh, don't tell.

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