Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hop to it

These days Easter presents me with a special challenge - finding an Easter treat without dairy, nuts, or egg so my XY3 with food intolerances can eat it.

Hot cross buns are mostly fine but when everyone around you is tucking in to yummy chocolate don't you want to enjoy some sort of lolly treat too?

He doesn't like the dairy-free, nut-free chocolate (who can blame him - have you tasted it? Not a patch on the real thing) so I tend to go on my very own Easter hunt searching for non-chocolate easter egg options. They are few and far between. Not even all carob from health food stores are dairy and nut free.

I did spot some marshmallow bunnies in a brochure ages ago and now I can't find them in the shops - kicking myself over that one. I've seen some lollies in big bags (Natural Confectionary Company, I think) but although they are bunny shapes half the mix are the type which have milk power in them to make the white fluffy lolly stuff (think the base of strawberries and cream lollies or milk bottles). I have seen candy eggs in the past but not this year. Cadbury has some marshmallow eggs and bunnies but, as you would expect of a chocolate making company - they are covered in chocolate.

This little bunny has opted for marshmallows presented in a hard clear plastic box formerly occupied by Lindt's Lindor balls (yum yum) and specially decorated with easter theme pictures and tied with a big red bow. There are also two coloured plastic hollow eggs which I have filled with lolly snakes and put back together.

I'm sure that will ensure my little bunny has a spring in his hop on Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to you and yours.

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katiecrackernuts said...

Can't do dark chocolate? Friend of our eldest's was severly lactose and peanut intolerant (many a fright at dinner times) and she could eat dark chocolate. The 70 per cent cocoa stuff - only the expensive gear - but Lindt does make bunnies in it.

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